Saturday, July 23, 2011

Parangtritis Beach

Our next destination is Parangtritis, ever heard of Parangtritis? Parangtritis is one of the sights in the form of a beautiful stretch of beach overlooking the beach which is very unusual but it is also famous for legends Parangtritis people the story of Nyi Roro Kidul is the ruling Queen of the south coast region of Java, Indonesia. according to legend is said to this people is central Parangtritis magical kingdom from the ruler of the south coast. but we will not discuss these mystical tour but we aim at is the beauty of the charm of this beautiful beach.

Trips to the beach was very enjoyable, enjoying the waves punctuated by the wind which was blowing very well suited to eliminate fatigue in mind, Parangtritis provide all of that for us. accompanied by superb views and there we can also enjoy various entertainment facilities are available like water crashing waves play a game of beach visitors must dri pad generally ride horses along the beach, enjoy a massage from a masseur who is resident friendly about the expected money reply from work, or can also relax with a delicious roasted corn mikmati accompanied by the strains of melodious chanting of the singers are there to entertain visitors of this beach.
Parangtritis not only busy to visit during the day but at night there are also visitors who can not be in bialang bit, these visitors are residents of Yogyakarta and the surrounding cities as well as from Magelang, Solo, and others. moreover on Saturday evening this beach would be filled by people who mostly young people who want to enjoy the beautiful beach at night Parangtritis.
around the beach are also available place to stay for a relatively cheap price and is served with less friendly by the concierge at the inn, so if you visit yogyakarta do not forget the sights on this one.

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