Monday, July 25, 2011

Salak Pondoh From Sleman

As a tourist destination jogja provide a wide range of options very interesting place to visit, in this post I will invite you all to get to know about "Salak pondoh".

Salak Pondoh is one of the flagship product of the Yogyakarta region guaranteed that tastes delicious and tasty. as commodities, marketing Salak Pondoh also has penetrated every aspect of regions in Indonesia and even now reaching overseas markets. in Sleman regency, Yogyakarta is the provider of Salak pondoh, supported by appropriate land contours make Salak Pondoh plants thrive and produce fruit quality, ranging from the Tempel, Turi, Pakembinangun and others of the region known as Salak Pondoh supplyer.

Government of Yogyakarta Special Region saw the cultivation of Salak pondoh as one of the tourism assets that can generate income and not a few areas that could also improve the lives of these Salak Pondoh farmer. therefore, at one place in the Region Turi, Sleman regency. available somewhere for the content of agro-tourism or the tourist destination it's about how pondoh salak cultivation and culinary tours also contains a wide range of salak pondoh creations, ranging from fresh fruit that can be directly taken directly from his tree to enjoy a variety of creations salak pondoh one of which is "Chip Salak Pondoh" a snack made from the bark of the flesh Salak pondoh which tastes very good and sweet.
Tour and Travel companies have also entered into agro-tourism programs in their program and if you want to enjoy the agro tourism program you can contact each tour and travel service provider and discuss with them about the tour options you want. Salakpondoh very suitable for presents for relatives, friends and those closest to you and I'm sure they will not be disappointed after enjoying a gift from you this.
What are you waiting? Let's trip to Yogyakarta and enjoy a variety of cultural treasures of wealth, natural beauty, the earth and warm-hearted people who are famous all over the world.

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  1. salak,..I like it verymuch, but I think salak "biasa" is more juicy while it is not so sweety.

  2. I was able to enjoy the fragrance of his name from the Salak Pondoh.Nice post,greetings from Papua.

  3. @Mastokkenari : Salak "Biasa" is great too.. ^_^

  4. @Er'end : thanks my friend,i think someday u must come to jogja and enjoy all in you trip in jogja ^_^

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