Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome To Kaliurang

want to enjoy the area cool and comfortable with magnificent scenery in Yogyakarta?
Yes, Kaliurang is one of the best places for it, lies at the foot of Mount Merapi with a distance of 15 Kilometers from downtown yogykarta Ground is an area of ​​cool temperate and tropical forests are still found to maintain the beauty of the area. for a family vacation or holiday with friends and also with people you care Kaliurang is a very appropriate choice at all.
with fresh and comfortable atmosphere that characterizes the
Ground we will be very comfortable for long in this area, accompanied by outstanding natural beauty with views of Mount Merapi background really makes us comfortable here.
Ground is still around there somewhere else that is quite beautiful and worth a visit are times yellow. There you can walk along the creek path clear and clean. Sometimes we will not feel tired when we walked the street in a place like that. Or if you want to see the ex larva 2007, you can stop at Kaliadem. There you will be treated to views of a former keperkasaaan Merapi covered a large river sand (former erosion Merapi).
for the lodging and places to eat do not worry because here is very much a place of lodging such as hotels, guesthouses and motels that can be occupied at a low price depending on how our budget is available.
in addition to culinary matters also do not forget to enjoy the typical Ground Sate Rabbits are very easy to be found in this of Regional, rabbit satay snacks in addition to other well-known in the Ground is a "Jadah Tempe".
so what are you waiting prepare yourself and your family or your loved ones for a vacation in the Ground.

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