Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome To Kasongan

Browsing in Bantul i've be end by visiting Kasongan famous with its pottery. Its location not far from the city of Yogyakarta, just simply pass through Bantul street,  south not far from Ringroad you will see a kind of gate which marks the entrance you will enter the region this Kasongan. Unfortunately I have not been able to photograph the gate because the circumstances are less likely at that time.
After entering the first gate, you will immediately be treated to views of the various crafts that are sold in showrooms are located on the right side and left side of the road. Showroom is expensive and quite impressed deterring us. It is advisable to continue to follow the path straight into the villages in which to pass the bridge and enter the second gate, there are also many who seem to showroom managed by local people.

After entering this gate you will be treated to good views of the various crafts made of pottery and so on display in homes located on the roadside of this trajectory. If it continues to get into it you will find the homes that most of their livelihood as artisans pottery because the right and left side looks a lot of people who were burning pottery for the ripening process.

Not only pottery items are sold in Kasongan, but also a lot of goods of woven bamboo, flowers, decorations, accessories, statues large and small, and so many are also on sale here. There are several stores that sell fixed prices but there are also stores that can be negotiable price, yaks live his clever-clever we just created in order to offer goods at a price that fits. There are also jars to decorate the house with a pretty affordable price. Prices in the region Kasongan much cheaper than in Yogyakarta city in my opinion. Those who want to find souvenirs for wedding or birthday gift just for friends, many interesting choice of goods at affordable prices of course. The key is to never hesitate to haggle.

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